Adult Toys

Adult toys have become more popular in our present-day as more people are letting go of the awkwardness involved with introducing sex toys into the bedroom. Many of these toys can be purchased online, and no matter how clean a city might seem, a quick search around and you would find an adult superstore you can purchase toys from. What happens when it goes beyond just fucking? When you have perhaps a million dollars lying around ready to be invested in your adult toys collection? Look no further. The first toy in our list of most expensive toy’s money can buy fits your description and is:

The Royal Pearl ($1.3 Million)

Talk about the fucking royal. Encrusted with diamonds, platinum, pearls sapphires, and everything nice and exquisite, this masterpiece truly redefines adult sex toys. It is a seven-inch vibrator designed by jewelry designer Colin Burns. It took 15 years to make and has spent the past few years touring the world and being showcased in art galleries and art exhibitions. Burns aimed to have a toy that was made for royalty. Despite its build, this nifty piece still delivers way above average its original duty asides screaming royalty. It is very safe for use and has undergone various tests to ensure this, just in case you have a fear of a diamond slipping off.

Fornicouture Fuji Glass Dildo with Whip ($1,200)

This piece of art is a must-have for the BDSM community. The queen of England’s whip maker handcrafted its handle (and whip) out of kangaroo hide based on Mount Fuji. Sitting on this beautiful handle is a glass dildo, sculpted to give you the maximum pleasure you deserve from any glass dildo. Considering if it’s worth its price? I think the price tag suits it just fine. 

Nell Pleasure Seed Vibrator ($13,417)

It is a gold plated vibrator that comes with a pronged feature. This toy here can pay off a lot of bills for the average man. Yes, various alternatives exist for a clitoral vibrator, but none of them would be as exquisite as this. It also comes with a gold key.

Lelo Inez ($15,000)

More gold toys on our list. Gold has a low boiling temperature and gets colder faster than most metals, so it’s no surprise many exquisite adult toy makers opt for this precious metal. Gold used to make adult toys are clinically safe. If the Fuji Glass doesn’t feel expensive enough for you, have a go at the Lelo Inez. It comes with 8 different vibration settings, and they offer a fast and discreet shipping service to many parts of the world.

Venetian Style Casanova Dildo ($33,000)

Made of gold and embedded with many other precious stones like diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, and lots more, the Casanova Dildo was designed by Colin Burns – maker of The Royal Pearl. Everything about this piece screams Venice, and it comes finished with a Mediterranean pearl for its handle. Often, I imagine a situation where I purchased this dildo, I wouldn’t go for the discreet shipping offer, and I definitely won’t keep it locked up like a dirty secret. I imagine my Casanova Dildo would be put-on display in a glass case so every interested person can gaze on the glory of my glory giver.

Leda ($1,300)

Affordable and exquisite, it is made of brass and is coated with sterling silver. The headpiece is shaped like a swan and represents Zeus, who turned into a swan to copulate with Leda – the queen of Sparta. It makes sense, and the swan was used in the early days to represent a man in artworks depicting copulation since sex in art was generally a taboo.

This dildo is simply magnificent.